Why Is Security Systems Servicing & Maintenance So Important?


Security system servicing and maintenance is a useful service offered by our experts. Here we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions, so you can know more about the process.

So, why is it so important?

Security system servicing and maintenance is essential for properties, as it ensures that equipment is in working order. Keeping on schedule with regular appointments is vital. If an incident were to happen, components like the burglar alarms may not be able to do the job they were installed for. Frequent tests are needed to ensure they are reliable and are still protecting the building.

There are many issues that could occur, such as problems with wireless technology, electrical faults, or even damage to the equipment. Our team offer repairs as and when they occur, but for peace of mind, regular security system servicing and maintenance will help you to keep on top of your equipment. An expert can catch any issues as soon as possible before they turn into larger, more expensive problems. At S Kirby, our professional technicians can inspect many parts of your property’s security equipment, such as the control panel, sensors, keypad, battery, and wiring.

How Often Should An Intruder Alarm Be Serviced?

Burglar alarms are a crucial component for the overall protection of a building. Security system servicing and maintenance is going to help keep this level of protection. It’s important that you know it is always going to be reliable and in working order in the event of an emergency. We recommend getting alarms tested annually for peace of mind. In some cases, every 6 months may be necessary, especially if the alarm is connected to an external organisation.

How Do You Maintain A Security System?

Our technicians have a thorough security system servicing and maintenance process. Depending on what technology is being examined, maintenance may look different. Generally, this process includes visual inspection for faults or damage, diagnostic tests, and any small repairs that are needed to ensure everything works.

Intruder Alarm

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Our team are experts in the services that we offer. You can have peace of mind that your security systems are reliable with scheduled upkeep. For more information on regular appointments, contact us now. We also offer a 24/7 emergency response for when you notice an issue with any of your security components.


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