What Are The Security Benefits Of CCTV Systems For Your Business?

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CCTV is one of the most popular methods of securing commercial premises. Making sure that your business is safe and secure is paramount to business owners. Your assets, your employees, and even your customers are at stake in this matter.

So, what are the benefits of installing CCTV systems for your business?

CCTV: What Is It?

A closed circuit television, abbreviated to CCTV, is defined as a system of cameras monitoring a property. All of the security footage is fed into a central control room. This footage can then be reviewed if needed.

Open Networks

While closed networks are still used, the term ‘CCTV’ has expanded to encompass all camera systems that monitor a property for security purposes. Open network camera systems offer fantastic amounts of utility that closed systems do not. However, their connection must be properly secured. If not, they could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

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The Security Benefits Of CCTV

Crime Prevention

People are less likely to commit crimes if they know they’re being filmed doing it. Placing a CCTV system in your business can help to deter criminals. Vandalism and theft are far less likely when the culprits know they’ll have to explain a recording of their crimes to a courtroom.


Of course, deterrents only work if you’re willing to back up a threat with action. Should someone commit a crime against your business, a CCTV system will capture and record it. Afterwards, that footage should be used to prosecute those involved via the appropriate legal channels.

Financial Security

Any business committed to its own security will be insured in case of misfortune. If your business is broken into by thieves, then your insurance company will likely want evidence of this.

A CCTV system can provide hard evidence of an event. Without it, you may struggle to prove that the crime occurred. The footage you obtain with your security cameras will make insurance claims much simpler to file.

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