How To Increase The Security Of Your Business

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Security systems are crucial to have in place to protect a building, not only for you home but your business too. A business tends to have a lot of equipment, possibly stock, and even money, so it makes sense to protect your valuables. Not only this, but it’s important to increase your defences for the safety of your employees. Here are a few things you can do in order to improve security.

Invest In CCTV

CCTV is an important addition to many buildings. It’s a layer of protection that allows for the proper monitoring of a property. Any incidents will be caught by CCTV and properly recorded as evidence. This makes it a great deterrent against crime, as people generally don’t want to be caught breaking the law on camera.

CCTC can have various features in order to enhance the security systems on a property, such as motion detection, audio recording, and remote viewing.

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Get Door Entry Security Systems

Door entry control is great for managing who is entering and leaving the premises and various rooms in the building. It helps to provide an extra layer of safety to a door with a locking combination. This is good for monitoring who is coming and going, and at what times. At S Kirby, our security systems can include biometric access, maglock, audio entry, video entry, or tag entry.

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Install Intercoms

Intercoms are the first point of contact from outside a building. It gives a chance to see or hear the person who is at the door from inside. This is not only good for protecting a building, but it’s also a very convenient piece of technology to have in a business.

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Fit Alarmed Security Systems

Burglar alarms are an effective way to protect a builder from intruders. The sound they emit can let you know that someone unauthorised is on the property. With modern advancements, you can get this information remotely too. Having them fitted can also be a deterrent for criminals as it draws a lot of attention towards them. There are many types of alarms you can choose from, such as panic alarms, fog alarms, and even pet-friendly alarms.

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