Office Security Best Practices

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Offices are usually full of desirable items. Criminals may be attracted to valuable items, such as computers and telephones, as well as any data stored in the office. To ensure that infiltration and theft cannot happen, it’s important to make sure that your office security measures are up to scratch. Read on to discover our recommendations.

Cyber Security

Office security would not be complete without a comprehensive cyber security policy. You should provide training for staff that ensures they know how to safely and securely use the web and any internal systems. It’s recommended that offices make use of secure password databases and only provide access to sensitive information when staff are trusted. This may include a probation period where staff are not permitted access to internal databases until they are certified.

Access Control

Ensure that the people who access your office building are meant to be there by installing an access control system. These can be operated in many different ways, but offices tend to lean towards keypads, card or fob entry. A keypad can be set up with a code that is only shared with authorised members of staff, whereas a card or fob entry system requires staff to remember their device when accessing the office.

CCTV Security Cameras

We recommend installing CCTV cameras in the places that matter most. Most office security plans will include camera coverage of entries and exits. If you want to keep a closer eye on areas with valuable items or information, you could consider adding additional cameras to cover them.

Door Access Control Young Woman Holding A Key Card To Lock And Unlock Door

CCTV also works well alongside your access control system. While access control is very good at keeping intruders out, it isn’t completely fool proof. By covering your entries and exits with CCTV as well, you get the full picture of who is accessing your office.

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