Home Security Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

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We know how easy it is to let your home security slip. You may be surprised by the amount of errors you’ve made in the past. Thankfully, by educating yourself with this guide, you can be sure that you’re not leaving your home vulnerable to criminal activity. Make a note of the following home security mistakes we commonly see, and be sure to take them on board. You can also share this knowledge with your friends and neighbours who may not have realised their actions could compromise their home’s security.

Common Home Security Mistakes

Putting A Key Under The Mat

Hiding Keys Outside

No matter how safe you think your hiding spot is, putting your keys anywhere outside your property is asking for trouble. If an intruder used your hidden keys to access your home, your insurance would likely be invalidated. The only secure way to leave a key outside is to put it inside a police-preferred key safe with anti-tamper measures.

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Leaving Your Doors & Windows Unlocked

Never leave doors or windows unlocked when you’re not at home or at night. Not only is this bad for your home’s thermal efficiency, it also gives intruders easy access. If you need to ventilate your home during the summer, consider fitting an additional security measure like a grille or secondary locking point.

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Putting Valuables In Windows

If you’re displaying valuable items in your front windows, you’re essentially advertising to burglars what goodies they may find if they enter your home. Always keep valuable items inside the home and away from places that are easily seen from the street.

Static Exterior Lighting

Installing Static Exterior Lights

Lights, particularly sensor-activated lights, are a great security feature. However, the wrong type of lighting can actually work against you. Static lights illuminate your home, making it easier for criminals to see what they’re doing if they attempt to enter. Always install motion-activated lighting, as this is far better at deterring criminal activity.

Motion Activated Security Lighting

Don’t Make Big Security Mistakes: Call S Kirby

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